US closes old pedestrian crossing to Mexico via San Ysidro

Traffic, confusion during first day of detour

SAN YSIDRO.- This Thursday the pedestrian crossing located in the Puerta Mexico crossing port closed permanently, now, people wanting to walk into Tijuana will have to do so through the east side, just beside the trolley station.

The confusion of some people on the US side of the border who were not aware of the new route to Tijuana was evident during this first day.

Due to this situation, Metropolitan Transport Services (MTS) employees were placed at the trolley's exit to guide pedestrians. Signals have been put up in the former crossing gate and in strategic points.

San Ysidro transporters said they have been preparing since last week to deal with the increase of people in the area taking into account that pedestrians still need to get accustomed to the change.

"People are a little disoriented, they are asking where the other exit is, but I think that in a few days everything will be back to normal," said Roberto Bolaño, employee of the San Ysidro PediCabs.

On the Tijuana side of the border, there was an increase in traffic in Colonia Libertad due to public transport and private vehicles arriving to pick passengers up.

Drivers passing through the area also noticed the changes and many showed their inconformity through their cars' horn.

"It's wrong, they can't have such a small place for people picking up passengers," said Juan Rodríguez, motorist.

Traffic police were sent to ease out the exit.

The United States plans to implement another southbound pedestrian crossing in San Ysidro, but there's still no budget for that. General Services Administration (GSA) authorities expect to have two bilateral crossing ports by April of 2015, the one that just opened and one through El Chaparral crossing point.

The closing of the southbound pedestrian crossing in Puerta México comes as the result of the construction work on the five lanes that will connect the freeway with the new crossing port to Tijuana starting; the new facilities will start operating on November first.



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