Facebook founder will support immigration reform

New project for Mark Zuckerberg

Sources close to Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he is currently working on creating an organization that will support various causes, which first on the agenda will be the immigration reform.

With this effort Zuckerberg now adds himself to the list of other tech giants like Yahoo, Google and Microsoft who all share this same idea, where resorting to global talent will be good for education and economic development in the United States. And that within this reform there should be also a process to obtaining U.S. citizenship for those who qualify.

Working alongside of this organization will also be both Democrats and Republicans, who together will try to find a solution to other issues like the country’s current economic problems.

The SF Gate Daily said that Zuckerberg has already invested nearly $20 million dollars in the project, and that other members have invested around $2 to $5 million. Also, the webiste Politico.com reported that the organization is a non-profit one.

This project is said to have started a month ago, but because of its early stages of development, no official statements have been issued to confirm this news.




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