Macaulay Culkin is surprised when visiting a bar in Tijuana

Home Alone's star was photographed at the "Mous Tache"

Last night, Macaulay Culkin, better known as Kevin McAllister from "Home alone" was seen at a couple of bars in Tijuana, the Mous Tache and La Mija, and although he was wearing sunglasses this didn't stop him from being recognized.

The actor was caught enjoying a few tacos and a Tecate beer with a friend, which can be seen in the photo published on the Bar's Facebook Page.

"Let's eat first, Macaulay Culkin in the house"
"Let's eat first, Macaulay Culkin in the house"

[img srcThumb="http://edgecast.sdr-files.buscafs.com/uploads/news/photos/news_photo_44887_1382222218_630.jpg" srcLink="http://edgecast.sdr-files.buscafs.com/uploads/news/photos/news_photo_44887_1382222218.jpg" size="medium"]"Is he at the Mous Tache? Yes he is at the Mous Tache"

"Tell him that I love him"

"He's with Har Mar"

"Nooooo, but I believe it must be full already, right?"

"Quite an eater with his tacos"

"It's a joke, right?"


Recently there was much talk in the media about the re-appearance of the absent actor Macaulay Culkin, who showed up as one of the protagonists of Robot Chicken at the New York Comic Con last weekend.

There are a lot of strong rumors flying about possible substance abuse which haunted him for a while due to his physical aspect, there was much talk about heroin addiction and some sources close to the famous actor commented that it seemed like he would die soon, given that he looked very thin and worse for the wear.

All of this was discredited by his manager in 2012 and the 33 year old actor has been recently making a lot of public appearances where he looks much happier and healthier.





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