"The White Widow": Most Wanted Terrorist is Killed

Samantha Lewthwaite was killed by sharp shooter along Ucranian border

Samantha Lewthwaite, a British citizen and one of the most wanted terrorists, died at the hands of a pro-Russian sharp shooter during an attack on the Ucranian border in the East of the country, according to Regnum, a Russian agency.

She was the wife of a Jamaican, Germain Lindsay, a person that casued a bus in London to explode in 2005, resulting in the death of 52.

Samantha Lewthwaite became a terrorist after that incident, and portrayed herself as an innocent victim to hide her criminal activities. But, in 2009, the Police caught on to her and she fled the country to hide out in Africa, where she went on to plot several well-known atrocities.

She joined a Somalian Islamic terrorist group, and according to various sources, could be implicated in an assault in 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya, where 67 people died. Intelligence agencies started to catch on to her after they found notes penned by the "white widow", a title she subscribed to herself after she confessed she was becoming a terrorist. Since that time, she has become one of the most wanted terrorists in the world and has been sought out by British Authorities, U.S. authorities, who have offered a reward of five million dollars for any information leading to her capture.



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