Update on essential travel allowed between Tijuana-San Diego in the face of COVID-19

The Mexican Consul in San Diego confirmed the essential trips that are maintained and those that were included out of necessity

Photo by: Archivo SDR

So far, restrictions between the United States and Mexico due to the COVID-19 pandemic continue, so tourists are still not allowed to cross into the American country if not for an essential trip.

In an interview for San Diego Red, Consul Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez, of the Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego confirmed the trips considered essential by American authorities.

"The U.S. government through its immigration authorities are the ones who define who can and cannot enter their country at any time. Since these restrictive measures to non-essential travel by land began, it was defined that the exceptions would be for those who have a tourist visa because of: medical reasons, educational reasons, for work related to foreign trade, very limited; in short, a series of exceptions established by the U.S. government," said the Consul.

It is worth mentioning that the restrictions do not apply for obvious reasons either to legal residents, to people who have a work permit in the United States, or to U.S. citizens.

However, according to the Consul, if you only have a tourist visa and your child is studying in San Diego and you are the one who takes him or her from one side of the border to the other, do not worry, this is also considered an essential trip!

Yes, you read that right. Due to the reopening of schools in this county, some Mexican parents expressed their concern to the Mexican Consulate in San Diego and this was the response: "we did the consultation and they told us that they would consider it an essential trip. Therefore, they were not going to restrict that kind of access to parents when it comes to taking or picking up their children here in San Diego," said the Consul.

Although he also indicated that "the secondary inspection is random and can always occur," so in case of any problem they can contact the following number 619-843-6399.

Remember that the restrictions between these countries are maintained until September 21, in the same way we invite you to be attentive to our portal and social media for any updates on this matter.

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