San Diego breaks record for new infections registered

Each day more cases of coronavirus are registered in the County

Photo by: Derek Story on Unsplash

According to the San Diego County Communications Office , the number of coronavirus cases in the region has been increasing for more than a week. The County Health and Human Services Agency reported another record number of new coronavirus infections.

So far the county has 1,091 new cases, surpassing the previous record of 1,087 cases reported last Saturday. Health experts believe this increase may be because citizens are weary from the pandemic and have stopped taking the coronavirus seriously.

Public Health Officer Wilma Wooten said that now that the virus is widespread, various elements of the community are being affected, so it will be more than ever crucial that crowds are avoided and precautions are taken.

On the other hand, they recommended that for Thanksgiving, small meetings be organized that are brief and safe, preferably to be held outdoors and to use a face mask when not eating.

So far there are 70 thousand 772 infections of coronavirus in San Diego and 966 deaths due to it; between November 1st and 19th the last 8 were registered: four women and four men, all with risk conditions.

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