Individual asks for a payment of $ 20 to move out of the way at the Otay border crossing.

He claimed to be a cop and tried to "help" him by refusing to call reinforcements.

He demanded $ 20 from the driver in exchange for "assisting" him. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation?

The "gaviotones" have been talking about in the Tijuana border crossing towards San Diego in recent months, as they have been revealed in numerous Facebook groups since they get between the lines meant to enter the United States to save time.

Another item worth mentioning is the individuals that assist these gaviotones in entering lines in return for money, as they frequently cross vehicles waiting patiently at checks to sneak in other motorists. A person recently revealed on social media an individual who attempted to extort money from him while he was in training.

The person who shared his story with us said he was at the Otay crossing waiting in line to enter San Diego, California when he was stopped by a man who assured him that he was in the wrong lane since it was for him. He was ordered to change to the left lane, which was meant for Ready Lane because he could face a fine of 2,500 pesos, for which he was told to go to the left lane, which was destined for Ready Lane; after he joined the queue, the guy demanded $ 20.

By refusing to offer this amount, the guy threatened to call an officer to penalize him and claim that this authority was working with him and that he should be given $ 10. He was approached by the victim, who said he would not give him any weight and invited him to contact the cops.

Following that, he began recording the scammer and calling 911; at this point, the man blocked the route to the vehicle, standing in front of it and eventually crawling under it. Another driver gathered behind the victim, yelling at the man until he fled.

According to accounts, 911 operators requested details about the incident so that a patrol could be dispatched to the area. Cases like this have been recorded in recent months, in which people perform actions such as these to allow cars that pay to enter waiting lines through, affecting many innocent persons.

Have you ever seen a situation like this or had something similar happen to you? Let us know in the comments section.

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