In Tijuana, you'll be surprised by this massive quesabirria built with a flour tortilla

The cheese on both tacos was a hit with Chef Danny Betancourt

Our host, chef Danny Betancourt, is in the 20 de Noviembre area in this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, and this time he visited "Tacos El Flaco de Oro," which is located on Av. 20 de Noviembre. The first taco was a quesataco, which costs $40 pesos ($2 dlls), and the second was a flour quesabirria, which costs $85 pesos ($4.25 dlls).

Birria's Quesataco

The beef birria, double corn tortilla, beans, mozzarella cheese, cilantro, and onion were the first to be presented to our host. This was the first item, the chef said, as he was a big fan of the flavor. When I took my first mouthful, the cheese began to stretch and form a thread, indicating that it was thoroughly melted.

He complimented the taste of the cheese and the way it stretched, adding that the meat was really tender and had a lot of flavor, but the tortilla was not as brown as it seemed to be and split a little. It was a touch too salty for the chef's taste, which he verified by taking a second bite. Despite this, Danny like the variety of ingredients, which provided a nice contrast, and he gave this taco a 7.2.

The cost is $40 pesos ($2 dlls).

Flour tortilla queasbirria

When we say that this quesabirria is huge, we mean it. The size astounded both chef Danny and the cameraman, to the point where our host didn't know where to begin. Once opened, the quesabirria encompassed more than the size of the plate on which it was served; it also has the largest flour tortilla, compared to commercially available flour tortillas, and plenty of beef birria, mozzarella cheese, beans, cilantro, onion, and red sauce.

Danny didn't seem sure where to begin; after he figured out how to pick it up, he took the first bite, remarking that the flour tortilla adds a unique flavor to the taco. He also stated that the strength of the salt was not as strong, maybe due to the presence of additional sauce with acidic undertones. Because of its great size, our host advised us that this quesabirria is for someone with extremely healthy teeth or someone who does not eat much. This cue earned an 8.6 rating.

The cost is $85 pesos ($4.25 dlls).

These tacos aren't listed on Google Maps, but we've provided a link to where you can find them.

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