Marina del Pilar administration makes progress on digitalization of procedures in Baja California

Through the Digital Agency of Baja California (ADBC), 221 procedures have been digitalized in 2023

As part of the strategies to make daily documentation procedures easier for Baja Californians, the state government led by Governor Marina del Pilar, through the Digital Agency of Baja California (ADBC), has carried out the digitalization of 221 procedures in 2023, of which 62 of them are begun and finished virtually.

The state governor stated that one can access these procedures or services on the specialized website:, in which several processes can be done from anywhere as long as one has a device connected to the internet. This saves time and money and reduces the use of paper and protects the environment.

Marina del Pilar explained that some of the Level 4 procedure examples that can be started and finished online are: criminal record statement, which can be obtained with official validity and online without going to any office; sport fishing permit, which can be paid online with any national or foreign credit card; real estate permits; primary school or secondary school copy certificate; among others.

For his part, the head of ADBC, Gabriel Palombo, informed that the institution is making the Unique Model of Citizen Assistance available to all people where their questions, complaints, reports, and information requests can be addressed 24/7/365, through different digital platforms such as: the government website, Facebook, WhatsApp, or the phone number, (686) 900-90-91.

In addition, Palombo called on people to download the Identidad Digital BC app, where one will be able to get their data and digital circulation card and driver's license for free.

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