Can Lopez Obrador Win the Presidency of Mexico? And if So, How?

A brief introspection on this presidential candidate career

In the year 2000, Andrés Manuel López Obrador sought to become the head of government of Mexico City, and Vicente Fox sought the presidency as a member of the National Action Party (PAN).

Those days were the mere representation of changes in the country, the campaigns had politicized the nation as never before. All of this thanks to the opening that was finally achieved in the media, specially on television.

Several companies felt that a change of direction was necessary, and conditions were given for this to be achieved, a scenario very similar to that of this 2018 elections.

In that context (of political upheaval and electoral fever), there was a clash between Andrés Manuel and Diego Fernández de Cevallos, an interview that was recorded as one of the best confrontations between two politicians in Mexico's history.

Cevallos, a great lawyer, former presidential candidate, excellent polemicist, and leader of PAN, sat down to debate with López Obrador in a program led by Joaquín López Dóriga.

That debate ended up positioning López Obrador as the favorite to win head of government. An event that is perhaps, the best demonstration that Obrador has done so far in his political career.

López Obrador looked mentally and discursively quicker in this interview, the content of his speech was basically the same as today, but the differences in the forms are remarkable.

If there is something that Obrador gets criticized for, is that he has bad articulation and many gaps in his speech, but is still very good in general, when talking to his party and his people; however, when he has someone who questions or contradicts him, he doesn't react anymore with the same promptness of that memorable debate against Cevallos.

López Obrador supporting Cuáuhtemoc Cárdenas.
López Obrador supporting Cuáuhtemoc Cárdenas.

Anyone could say that age affects his way of speaking up his mind, and it also seems that today, this presidential candidate born in Tabasco is not striving to defeat his opponent with arguments, which is an attitude that has been evident in the two last presidential debates.

López Obrador is comfortably settled in the confidence that he has already achieved that most of Mexican citizens recognize him as the pure anti-system option. The polls show him right, but in society, a President is also expected to have convincing arguments and speeches that resonate inside and outside the country.

The third debate is the last call for Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to improve his speech and his political argument. If he manages to show a bit of the quickness of that historical debate with Cevallos, Obrador will not only win, but will end up "destroying" the other candidates.


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