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Rarámuri Wins Ultramarathon in Spain

She had one of the best times in the female general

SPAIN.- During the Cajamar Tenerife Bluetrail race that took place in Spain last week, on Saturday, June 9, Lorena Ramírez, runner of the rarámuri community of Mexico managed to come out victorious with the third place, besides getting one of the best times in the female general.

Lorena, who finished 102 kilometers in 20 hours with 11 minutes and 37 seconds, also achieved the fifth fastest time of the women's overall, in a competition that crosses the Teide National Park and exceeds 3,500 meters of altitude.

Also, she has become the first Rarámuri woman to compete in a European ultramarathon, however she did not do it alone, since her two brothers also participated in the race.

Part of the training that the brothers have had consisted of long walks and climbs in the mountains when they were children, since they followed their goats or accompanied their parents to buy food.


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