Tijuana opens first museum in Mexico to prevent addictions

The AMBAR Interactive Center, located in the Third Stage of Rio Tijuana, is a museum for everybody to know the risks and consequences of problem drug use and how to prevent them.

The museum implements a model of prevention with strict scientific and educational basis, by using the most advanced multimedia technology.

Ambar is a project with the Economic Development Council of Tijuana (CDT) and AMBAR National Foundation, whose role is to prevent risk behaviors and promote a healthy lifestyle.

From Rosarito and other local schools, 38 thousand kids have visited the museum, applying techniques developed by scientists from all over the world. They education model is not only focused on strengthening the role the family plays in the prevention, but battles against drug dependency.

The interactive center has 4 modules, in which creatively and innovatively they deal with the close encounters that kids and teenagers live in their daily life.

The walkthrough starts with a module of “Science and Health”, in which they talk about scientific aspects of health and cerebral processes.

The second module titled “Human brain and body” is introduced with a story of general aspects of the brain and how drugs act on it.

The walkthrough continues with a module titled “The prevention”, and its purpose is to strengthen the self-esteem of minors and make them aware they are the ones in control over those situations. It also presents helpful strategies with practical exercises on how to make their own decisions, express their emotions and being capable to fight peer pressure.

Approximately 50 researchers contributed with the planning of the museum, alongside 17 other institutions relevant to the topic, in addition of scientists from around the world counseling ideas and more projects to develop together.

The National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) also funded the assessment of contents of this space. It is a collective endeavor with the private sector and the Mexican government putting health and education together to have a universal prevention model.

The building that accommodates the museum is the work of the Mexican architect Pedro Ramírez Vázquez. It has high-tech equipment, an area of personalized attention for visitors, space for interactive kiosks, administrative offices, infirmary, toilet modules, and a computer laboratory. It counts with 3 thousand 400 hundred square meters tall approximately, a venue of 10 thousand 800 square meters, with a parking lot, access plaza and gardens.

Learn more about the AMBAR Interactive Center on their website. Also make sure to watch this video of their walkthrough:


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