Peña Nieto received bribes from El Chapo

A witness said that the Ex-President from Mexico received 100 million dollars from the drug traffickers.

According to a witness during Joaquin Guzman Loera’s trial the Ex-Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto would have accepted 100 million dollars as a bribe from the drug traffickers.

This shocking testimony was heard on January 15, 2019 during court in New York, by a Colombian trafficker Alex Cifuentes Villa,who worked very close to Guzman, from 2007 to 2013 they were both hiding from authorities in one of Loera’s Ranch’s, in the mountains of Sierra Madre in Mexico.

Did Guzman, pay a $100 million Bribe to Pena Nieto? Asked Jeffrey Lichtman, one of the lawyers of El Chapo Guzman to Cifuentes Villa during the defense interrogation.

“YES” answered the witness.

According to Cifuentes Villa, the money was delivered by an intermediary person.

Other witnesses at Guzman’s trial, which is being held in the US District Court in Brooklyn New York, have testified about alleged bribes with the drug traffickers to members of the Mexican police and to public officials in that country but the bribes about Enrique Peña Nieto are the most scandalous so far.

If this was to be true this indicates that the corruption of the Drug cartels has come to infiltrate in the highest level of the political power in Mexico.

Since the beginning of the trial in November, it has been said that senior Mexican officials received dirty money. In Lichtman’s Initial statement he claimed that his client had been incriminated for many years through a conspiracy planned by his partner, Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada Garcia, in alliance with “dishonest” Us anti-drug agents and a “completely corrupt” Mexican Government including two ex-presidents of Mexico.

The ex-President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto spokesman who was still in power denied what Lichtman had said via twitter.

Brian Cogan the judge in charge of the case was warning Lichtman subsequently not to promise the jury that he would hear statements if these statements couldn’t be substantiated with evidence from the case.

Until Tuesday January 15th, Genaro Garcia Luna, the highest-ranking Mexican official was accused of accepting bribes who was the Secretary of Public Security during Calderon’s administration. Last November when Jesus Zambada, testified he told jurors that he had met with Garcia Luna, twice and that on both occasions he handed a briefcase full with at least 3 million dollars.

Vía: NY Times.


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