4 Reasons to watch the Super Bowl LIII in Rosarito Beach!!!

You still have time to change your mind and change plans!

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"The Super Bowl game" is this weekend and if you’re a last-minute person to plan things, we recommend you take a few minutes and decide where to go since everything will be packed.

Rosarito Beach, is one of the favorite places for Americans, to visit either to celebrate holidays, parties, have fun, and just relax. That’s why this makes a good option to enjoy a sporting event as "BIG" as the “Super Bowl”

If you still don’t know where to go watch the game with your friends, or might think that it’s a good idea to change your mind on where to go here a few good reasons to go watch the game in Rosarito!!!

1.- The Best Atmosphere Bars

Acua Bar & Mar
Acua Bar & Mar

Being one of the main Tourist places in the region, the bars with the best sound, screens and even people to entertain the afternoon.

2.- Promotions on food and drinks

If you want to enjoy the game but also save money, some places will offer discounts or promotions that will be difficult to resist. Ortega’s Buffet will have beer starting at $15 pesos each (1:00 USD), while Taqueria & Sport Bar Chelinda will have promotions and other surprises that will be announced during the game and ACUA Bar and Mar will have free nachos.

3.- After the game you can enjoy the Beach

Parece que o Forsetes e o Sath gostam bastante do Homem de Ferro

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If at the end of the game you don’t want to go home, then Rosarito Beach will be close for So you can take a walk and enjoy the view for a while or listen to the waves of the sea.

4.- To support the local economy

Google Maps
Google Maps

Try to support local businesses so that they can continue to provide great entertainment , gastronomy for both residents and foreigners.



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