Things that we love to hate about Tijuana

Tijuana is loved by both its inhabitants and foreigners, who are delighted by its food, beer and places.

Being a Tijuanense makes us proud, but there’s no doubt that living here also means hating some of the things that come with the city. Because let’s face it, not everything is easy. So here are a few things we love to hate about our beautiful city

Border Crossing

Having San Diego as our neighbor city gives us the chance of doing our grocery shopping, buying items at cheaper prices and take advantage of businesses that Tijuana does not have, *cof* Krispy Kreme Doughnuts *cof*. But the long lines to get across the border are enough to change anyone’s mind.

Even though rain is necessary it’s the perfect excuse to stay home, and watch a good movie. It’s true that Tijuana it’s never prepared for the rain, that comes every year to flood our main streets and mess with our cars, thanks to all the “baches”.

The Tacos

Don’t get us wrong WE LOVE TACOS, but the truth is they don’t always agree with our stomach, specially because we tend to go to shady taco stands because they’re DELICIOUS… at least right to the point where you have to run out to the restroom. But because you love the place so much, you never learn and keep coming back. What can we say? We’re masochists!

Public Transportation

We also know that you can get to any part of the city on a taxi or bus without having to spend so much money on Uber. But you might change your mind after riding on a “calafia” where the conductor either drives like a maniac, the unit is in terrible conditions or both. Also, nothing tops feeling like a sardine when the driver asks you to scooch a little, because people still can get it.

Tijuana Beaches
Tijuana beaches are a great place to exercise, drink coffee, or eat seafood. But what could be a great place to enjoy the beach, gets a little annoying with all the littering and contamination. Not to mention the sewer smell that fills the air from time to time.

It seems like wherever you look there’s traffic: In Zona Río, Downtown, the Vía Rápida, the 5 y 10 area and Otay, heavy traffic everywhere! And everything gets worse when there’s a Xolos Game (soccer game) and the city suddenly becomes one huge traffic jam.


Although is place where you can find everything, from bars, to housewares, and clothes. We all know that Downtown or El Centro means chaos everyone, with people crossing the streets without looking or paying attention to the lights, taxis that don’t know the definition of a driving lane, and cars that will park on double or triple lane, because there’s nowhere to park!.

So, while it’s true that we love our city, it certainly gives us a lot of headaches sometimes!



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