Immigrants in Baja California will also be vaccinated

Even if they do not have any identification

Photo by: National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

During the live broadcast on the Facebook page of the Government of Baja California, the Secretary of Health, Alonso Perez Rico, answered the questions of several users of the social network, among these questions was the concern about how the application of the vaccine against COVID-19 would be carried out to immigrants located in the State and who do not have any identification.

Accordingly, Perez Rico shared that Baja California is considered a sanctuary for immigrants and therefore vaccination of these is fundamental, as for the lack of documentation he commented that this will not be a problem since they will not be denied the application of the vaccine.

The Secretary of Health commented that if the immigrants do not have any official document that identifies them, a method will be used in which a record will be made at the vaccination site, this record will authenticate that the person resides in that community.

He emphasized that this issue is of vital importance especially with those immigrants who seek to stay in the city, so the application of the vaccine will not be denied to anyone.

This strategy seeks to ensure vaccination for all citizens, such as for those immigrants and senior citizens who do not have an identification document or in the cases of people who are in a homeless situation.

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