Governor Marina del Pilar strengthens educational ties with Baja California businesses.

Students will now be able to work for firms to obtain a complete and high-quality education.

The Governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar, led the launch of the Dual Model between the National College of Technical Professional Education (CONALEP) and the private enterprise Skyworks in Mexicali to encourage economic growth among all young students in the state.

She added that the program is a methodology that aims to reconcile theory and practice while also connecting the student with the organization to provide a complete and high-quality education.

As a result, the productive sector will rely on skilled workers to meet our entity's economic and social demands, while students will gain first-hand experience with industrial processes, enriching their academic preparation.

According to the state president, the signing of the partnership agreement between CONALEP and Skyworks is just another example of the present administration's efforts to support youngsters by partnering with socially conscious businesses.

He emphasized that continuing to provide development options is a vital axis of the state's change, which goes hand in hand with protecting our girls, boys, and young.

"With my heart ahead of me, I believe that this sort of cooperative agreement will proliferate so that Baja California continues to progress in the direction of development and education," Marina del Pilar vila Olmeda remarked.

Enrique Ku Herrera, Director General of the CONALEP System, acknowledged the Governor's assistance in achieving this partnership between school and firm that allows students to join the labor market while also providing facilities to continue their higher education.

Video: To provide high-quality education in Baja, California, the educational relationship with businesses is being strengthened.


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