Baja California

The scarcity of workers in Tijuana's maquiladoras is concerning.

Currently, maquiladora firms in Tijuana are advertising between 25 and 30 thousand job openings.

With the arrival of various large maquiladora companies in Tijuana, the demand for labor in the industry has increased, and they have been unable to fill vacancies in the region due to a lack of personnel, as various representatives of the maquiladoras in the city made known during the meeting of the Association of Industrialists of the Otay Table (AIMO).

There are now between 25 and 30 thousand openings given by maquiladora firms in the municipality, which is difficult for the sector since the more vacancies there are, the more staff turnover occurs, resulting in a labor shortage for the region's high demand.

In this regard, Lic. Armando Padilla, president of AIMO, stated that the maquiladora business in Tijuana continues to develop owing to worldwide demand, namely in the electronics, medical, aerospace, and e-commerce sectors.

Finally, it was mentioned that, in light of this need, new industrial parks are needed to fill the available areas, which real estate developers have already identified as a lucrative sector.

Video: Tijuana hosts a panel discussion on Baja Manufacturing.


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