This taco de adobada in Tijuana may be finished in one mouthful

Its size and cost will surprise you

Our host, chef Danny Betancourt, visited "Tacos El Choco" in Calle Durazno, Moreno 2nd Section in La Mesa, Tijuana, in this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana. Two tacos were sampled here, one with roasted pork for $ 20 pesos (one dollar) and the other with adobada for $ 12 pesos (0.6 dollars).

Tacos with Roasted Beef

Our host's first taco has roast beef, guacamole, onion, cilantro, and red sauce "huevona," in which all of the components are combined cold and placed in two packed corn tortillas. The original taste of the Tijuana taco marinade with citrus, salt, and a little "magic" was Danny's initial point of emphasis, as this is represented in the notes that the taco emits, both that somewhat sweet tone and the smokey charcoal.

Although the meat has much taste and is very soft, and the taco, in general, is outstanding, the tortillas detracted from the quality since they were dry and "peeling" because one of the layers began to break apart soon as the chef placed it on the plate. For the first time, he lifted the cue. As a result, this cue received a 7.2 rating.

The cost is 20 pesos (one dollar)

Taco Adobada

This taco made an intriguing first impression because it was possibly the tiniest taco he had ever eaten at Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, to the point of tenderness, and he was held back by the fact that the capsule is about the taco's tasting; otherwise, he would challenge himself to finish the taco in one bite.

This taco is served on a tiny corn tortilla with marinated beef, cilantro, onion, guacamole, and red sauce. This taco was gone in two bites, and our host noted that while the marinade has a decent flavor, it is not as intense as it is accustomed to being, and the tortillas were a little more hydrated, the sauce was not very spicy, and therefore this cue received a 6.8 rating.

Price: $ 12 pesos (about $0.06)


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