Like Willy Wonka! San Diego Comic-Con will have an exclusive chocolate bar with a hidden golden ticket

These new and exclusive flavors are being brought by the San Diego Convention Center

San Diego Comic-Con will arrive on July 20 to July 23 at the San Diego Convention Center bringing an endless number of conventions, talks, and exclusive content for fans of comics, cosplays, movies, videogames, and animations during a unique weekend of the year.

Though Comic-Con offers all of this, the San Diego Convention Center will also have exclusive products such as their classic, limited-edition chocolate bars. As such, they have recently revealed the flavors that will be available in 2023.

Oooh Bay: A s’more bar like you’ve never tasted before. Enjoy a toasted ube Graham cracker with ube marshmallow covered in white chocolate with prominent colors at San Diego Bay.

Lunchbox Hero: Representing a childhood hero and evoking the classic PB&J, this bar is covered with milk chocolate, peanut butter rice crisps, and concord grape jelly.

Crop Circle Crunch: Created with crunchy sweet cornbread, dried blueberries, honeycomb candy, and white chocolate, this bar is full of otherworldly flavors, which inspired its name and its UFO-related packaging.

Cosplay Crackle: This bar is a combination of strawberry Pop rocks, dark chocolate, freeze-dried strawberries, and basil, and flavors that “burst” as much as the colorful cosplays of Comic-Con attendants.

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These four new flavors were developed by Convention Center Executive Chef Sufi Karaien and Pastry Chef Kristianna Zabala. 5,000 of these bars will be sold (1,250 for each flavor) with a unit price of $10 dollars. It should be noted that this tradition began in 2016 as an exclusive offer for attendants. The fact that these chocolate bars are exclusive is not all, as there will hidden golden tickets in 4 of these bars which can be redeemed for a $100 Starbucks gift card.

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