Cali-Baja region is being promoted as an international tourist destination

The director of COTUCO Rosarito, Fernanda Montoya, showed several of the proposals in municipalities for tourists

In order to promote tourist attractions in all the municipalities of Baja California, as well as the metropolitan region of San Diego and some guest Mexican states, Expo Turismo Tijuana y la Mega Región took place in Avenida Revolución in Downtown Tijuana.

The Director of the Committee of Tourism and Conventions (COTUCO) in Playas de Rosarito, Fernanda Montoya, stated that events such as this allow them to sell the entire state as an international tourist destination with a great variety of things to do.

She stated that in Rosarito, the seven stands that were set up along Avenida Revolución in Downtown Tijuana demonstrated to the public that Rosarito is more than a beach destination.

We want to make this diversity very clear, because we are not just a sun and beach destination, we also have this ecotourism side of ours. That is why there are places like Cerro del Coronel, Ruta del Médano, and Sendero Kumiai, the only one of its kind in the state.

Regarding this, the official said that Rosarito has five certified trails: Cerro Coronel, Parque Metropolitano, Alisitos, El Descanso, and Tierra Bonita (Mat Kiñush).

She explained that Cerro Coronel became popular due to the COVID pandemic in 2020, when people were looking for activities without any crowds.

Regarding the interpretative trail Mat Kiñush or Tierra Bonita, it is located in the Kumiai community in San José de la Zorra, in southern Rosarito. Besides hiking, one can also learn more about this native tribe of Baja California.

Fernanda Montoya added that most restaurants in Ruta del Médano have trails, with their own guides in each establishment to ensure the safety of their visitors.

This is why the Rosarito units include natural and adventure tours with trail technicians and gastronomic options such as craft beer and local desserts.

However, Fernanda Montoya claimed that since three weeks ago, the increase in temperatures has helped tourism attendance.

The first weekend we had a 90% occupancy rate in hotels, the second weekend, it was 100%. Last weekend, attendance was 25,000 people.

She also added: 'We hope that just as heat came late, it leaves late'. As such, they expect August to be a month with a lot of tourism for Rosarito, both for its attractions that occur due to the heat and local events.

She stated that on Friday, August 4, Noche Blanca will take place in Castillos del Mar, on Saturday, August 5, paella event will take place in Hacienda El Capricho, which is located in the high area of Ruta del Médano and on Sunday, August 6, the Festival del Pescado y el Marisco will take place in Hotel Rosarito.

Saúl Álvarez, Promotion and Marketing Manager; Fernanda Montoya, Director; and César Rivera, President of COTUCO Rosarito
Saúl Álvarez, Promotion and Marketing Manager; Fernanda Montoya, Director; and César Rivera, President of COTUCO Rosarito

Expo Turismo Tijuana y la Mega Región gathered the Committees of Tourism and Conventions of all the municipalities of Baja California as well as Nayarit, Michoacán, and San Diego authorities, so that each of them could promote their tourist and gastronomic attractions.

US representatives came here to promote their goods to the Spanish-speaking public as well as the theme parks and museums of San Diego County.

For example, Ensenada promoted wine from Valle de Guadalupe and the entire ecotourism option offered by Sierra de San Pedro Mártir.

For their part, San Felipe authorities recalled the attractions offered by the highways, deserts, and beaches alongside the Gulf of California.

Regarding the capital Mexicali, representatives of its iconic baseball team, Las Águilas, attended the event to promote the 2023-2024 season.

Regarding Tijuana, sports teams as well as emblematic places such as Centro Cultural Tijuana (Cecut) attended the event.

Tourism authorities, entrepreneurs, and local and American people also attended this event.

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