Marina del Pilar brings the culture of Baja California to New York

Baja California caused a cultural explosion with the best of its music and art at the Lincoln Center in New York

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, the governor of Baja California, spoke about a handicraft exhibition with the crafts being made by ethnic groups in the region such as Kiliwa, Kumiai, and Cucapá people as well as the concert by Nortec Bostich Fussible, one of the most representative groups of the region with a live show performed at the world’s biggest cultural center in the city of New York.

The exhibition, carried out alongside the Secretariat of Culture of Baja California led by Alma Delia Ábrego Ceballos, took place at the David Rubenstein Atrium in Lincoln Center and consisted of an exhibition and sale of items to the international public.

“It is a true honor for the people of Baja California to have a space here, in the world’s most important cultural center that receives thousands of visitors every day from all continents. The culture, colors, and textures of our land transcend internationally,” the state governor said.

On the other hand, the concert by Nortec Bostich Fussible, considered one of the most popular music groups from Baja California, whose innovation has transcended due to their fusion of sounds and a very particular aesthetic, took place.

Marina del Pilar emphasized that the government of Baja California organized with Lincoln Center the use of a space so that this border band could offer a free concert to the Latino community that lives in New York.

The concert was organized alongside the Consulate of Mexico in New York, the Government of Baja California, and the Mexican Culture Institute New York, in order to bring Baja Californian music and the northern-border style to the best stage in the world.

It should be noted that the David Rubenstein Atrium is one of the most emblematic spaces in this entire cultural center, being the venue for concerts and shows from all over the world; it has also become a platform where current global issues are discussed and analyzed.

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