3 million dollars will be invested to promote the World Design Capital 2024 Tijuana-San Diego: Montserrat Caballero

Mayor Montserrat Caballero explained that this investment will also help to promote the binational Tijuana-San Diego region on a massive scale

The binational region Tijuana-San Diego will host the World Design Capital (WDC) 2024, and 3 million dollars will be allocated to carry out the overall promotion of the WDC operation.

Mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez added that they will help to promote the region as a design and tourist culture destination as well as help in the general operation of WDC 2024.

This World Design Capital is for you who loves Tijuana. When you go out you see a beautiful city, you see that Tijuana has a lot to give and you feel proud because you are part of the World Design Capital, and that we can offer national and international tourism, due to symbols such as the sustainable park Cerro de las Abejas and a space like Cañón de los Alacranes.

In the Monday morning edition of 'Despierta la Esperanza', the government of Tijuana presented progress of activities. As part of the events scheduled for WDC 2024, World Design Street Festival will take place in April in Avenida Revolución, a public event where local and international visitors can participate.

In addition, “World Design Policy Conference” will take place, which will talk about the importance of design in public policies and its impact in public spaces, transportation, and other areas.

A World Design Network of Cities Meeting Network will also take place, a conference where people from all over the world will participate in order to share ideas and knowledge, and new and effective strategies for the sustainable use of design.

Carlos de la Mora, CEO of the World Design Capital 2024 Tijuana-San Diego, stated that for these activities to take place, there is regional coordination, alongside the leadership of the government of both cities, which will be reflected in several different events, conferences, exhibitions, among other projects.

Since last month, proposals from the community from both sides of the border have been received, related to the activities that could be a part of the 2024 program, on their official website:

Issues that are being addressed are: art and culture, education and technology, health and wellbeing, sustainability and weather, innovation and entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary design, and urban planning and design.

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