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Colombia! Special guest at TlaquepArte 2023 will bring its best handicrafts to Baja California

Mexico's most important handicraft exhibition will take place from Friday, September 1 to Monday, September 4 of this year

For the eighth time, Baja California will be the venue of Mexico's most important handicraft exhibition: TlaquepArte, where 200 exhibitors from several different parts of the world, including Mexican artisans, will exhibit the best of their culture and handmade products.

TlaquepArte 2023. Social Media
TlaquepArte 2023. Social Media

This exhibition will take place at Centro de Convenciones Baja California Center in Playas de Rosarito from Friday, September 1 to Monday, September 4, which will overlap with Labor Day in the United States. Admission to this event will be free, and doors will be open to the public from 10:30 AM to 8 PM. This is a family friendly event.

Colombia, guest country

This year’s biggest surprise is, without a doubt, Colombia which will be the first guest country of TlaquepArte. This coffee making country will arrive in Baja California with its best handicraft products, gastronomy, and folklore.

The Colombian pavilion will consist of 14 exhibitors who have traveled from this country to Baja California, as well as Colombian exhibitors who live in the region.

Vueltiaos sombreros from Colombia
Vueltiaos sombreros from Colombia

Among the most outstanding Colombian products there is sombreros vueltiaos, made with flecha cane leaves, a material that has been put through a very rigorous dryness process. Once the material is in optimal conditions, it is painted with clay and other natural substances such as banana peels.

They were created by farmers in the Caribbean coast of Colombia to protect themselves from the sun while working on the fields. One of its main characteristics is that this sombrero has the necessary flexibility to be bended and stored in pockets without any damage. It has been declared a World Heritage item by UNESCO.

Besides this unique product, there will also be several different types of fabrics, bags, purses, traditional beautiful sarapes, music, gastronomy, artisans and jewelers from this South American country, as well as popular and exquisite Colombian coffee.

Two new guests are coming to TlaquepArte

For this new edition, TlaquepArte will add two new countries to its exhibition.

Jordan will come here with its beautiful and traditional white and blue ceramic sets, its classic rugs and tapestry, and its great variety of silver and gold jewelry.

Handicrafts from Jordan
Handicrafts from Jordan

Thailand is the other country that will be part of this handicraft exhibition, the standout being their classic and beautiful parasols and silk items.

Handicrafts from Thailand
Handicrafts from Thailand

TlaquepArte is Mexico's most important international exhibition where countries such as Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Paraguay, Ecuador, Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, Greece, India, Kenya, Senegal, Egypt, among others, will all participate.

It will take place for the eighth time in Baja California at the Convention Center in Playas de Rosarito. It will open at 10:30 AM and admission is completely free.


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