On September 19, Tijuana will participate in national earthquake drill

This drill will be carried out as if an earthquake of 7.2 on the Richter scale is taking place

On September 19 at 11 AM, the Municipal Administration of Tijuana will carry out the Second National Earthquake Drill, which will take place as if an earthquake of 7.2 on the Richter scale is taking place with the epicenter being 178 kilometers away from the city.

The Civil Protection Agency of Tijuana will coordinate this drill in Municipal Palace facilities, delegations, and other municipal agencies. 84 municipal employees were previously trained as response brigade members for this type of emergency.

The head of the agency, Miguel Ángel Ceballos Ramírez, encouraged people at large to take part in this exercise which will also commemorate the 37th anniversary of the foundation of Civil Protection as a national institution after the earthquake that occurred in 1985 which affected several places in central Mexico.

"On this date, an evacuation program in these facilities will take place anywhere we are at. Previously, we were able to check specific conditions of these places in order to define how to carry out this drill," the municipal official explained.

He recalled that the website and social media pages of Civil Protection in Tijuana have useful information for people. This information can be useful to prepare before the drill, while one can also register federally for this event on the following website: preparados.gob.mx.

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