Government of Baja California promotes agreement in Mexicali to preserve, conserve, and protect water

It is an agreement that ensures access to water for future generations following the rules to guarantee its industrial and human supply

Due to environmental difficulties faced in the last few years and the risk of scarcity in natural resources worldwide, a joint agreement is being promoted for the better use and conservation of water. The Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), the National Commission of Water (CONAGUA), the Secretariat of the Environment and Sustainable Development of Baja California (SMADS), and the Municipal Administration of Tijuana participated in this agreement.

This agreement will benefit Mexicali and its goal is to guarantee the right to water in new generations. In addition, it doesn't harm existing industries but, to the contrary, it provides certainty by setting rules to guarantee industrial and human supply, said the Secretary for the Management, Treatment, and Protection of Water, José Armando Fernández Samaniego.

"It is not a decree, but an agreement that is going to guarantee what is established in the constitution regarding the human right to water. But there is no prohibition or suspension of existing companies," he claimed.

In addition, he added that in order to preserve and protect water for human and domestic consumption in the state, and especially in the municipality of Mexicali, commitments were established to guarantee the domestic use of water way above any other use, without undermining, he stated, already existing productive activities.

They will also watch over the establishment of industries to make sure that they don't affect the domestic use of water or affect the risk of availability of the Valle de Mexicali aquifer, and at the same time, investment programs will be coordinated regarding treatment at wastewater plants and the reuse of water to benefit the population.

"The boost of productive activities is the key in the public policies of this government and that is how it will continue to be, guaranteeing the care of natural resources to meet environmental commitments made with this administration and Mexican authorities," he stated.

Lastly, he said, "This is an agreement that benefits us all because it guarantees access to water for the future as it is an essential need that we have as a society."

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