Municipality of Tijuana will invest 350 million pesos in relevant projects in 2024

Storm drains Los Laureles and Cuenca Cañón del Matadero first stage will be built

The municipality of Tijuana will invest around 350 million pesos in relevant projects, such as the elevated viaduct and the Otay II port of entry, according to Mayor Montserrat Caballero.

Based on the projected results by the Secretariat of Territory, Urban, and Environmental Development (SDTUA), the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana will pave Calle Popotla at Colonia Ejido Francisco Villa, an investment that exceeds 15 million pesos in a section that begins at Calle Azafrán and ends at Avenida Tehuacán.

In addition, it was revealed that construction will continue at Bulevar Flores Magon stage four; a reconstruction whose investment is more than 34 million pesos in order to benefit the residents of San Antonio de los Buenos delegation and foreign traffic. This is a primary avenue whose connection begins at Libramiento Sur in direction to the second access of Playas de Tijuana.

These 2024 projects also encompass the adaptation of road nodes. The head of SDTUA, Enrique Bautista Corona, stated the first adjustment will be between Avenida Insurgentes and Florido first stage; the second will be between Carretera Libre Tecate and Bulevar El Realito, and the third one will be located between Bulevar Héroes de la Independencia and Carretera Libre Tijuana-Tecate. Together, the investment will be of more than 80 million pesos.

Bautista Corona said that in 2024, besides the grand projects of the elevated viaduct and the Otay II port of entry, built by members of the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), at the first stage, cargo traffic will be put in order at Bulevar Bellas Artes, between Calle Vidal and Planas until Calle 12 Norte. This project is estimated to have an investment of more than 33 million pesos.

This street was just built by this administration in coordination with the private sector, with an investment from the municipal government of almost 40 million pesos in the area with the 2nd most important customs in the country where 7,000 carriers cross daily.

Among other projects, there is also the restoration of loops at the San Ysidro port of entry where the municipality will invest 25 million pesos.

The mayor made it clear that progress was being made at Parque Recreativo y Deportivo Cerro de las Abejas, as it is on its second stage. They will invest more than 35 million pesos for the construction and installation of fences, offices, walkways, and inner sidewalks.

Mobility and safety of drivers and pedestrians are still a priority issue, which is why a pedestrian bridge will be built in Macroplaza, at a length of 40 lineal meters with an investment of 30 million pesos. Calle Mexicali will also be rebuilt with hydraulic concrete at a length of 2.5 kilometers and an investment of 25 million pesos.

The Municipal Government will continue transforming the city as they have also contemplated, in 2024, to invest 69 million pesos in drainage infrastructure by building storm drains Los Laureles and Cuenca Cañón del Matadero first stage, rain solutions at Bulevar Cucapah and Ejido Mariano Matamoros fourth stage, as well as maintain desander and unclogging tanks.

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