Secretariat of Health claims that there is no travel warning due to rickettsia in Baja California

The head of the Secretariat of Health of Baja California claimed that occurrence is low and that these are only isolated cases

The head of the Secretariat of Health (SSa) of Baja California, Adrián Medina Amarillas, claimed that there is no current health alert due to rickettsia regarding traveling to Baja California, reaffirming the joint work with his colleagues in the United States to prevent, control, and treat this disease in order to reduce its impacts in the region.

"There is no health or travel alert to the state due to this issue. There is an announcement made by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to health providers in California because they detected isolated cases in that US region. There is no emergency and there is no extraordinary situation," Medina Amarillas reiterated.

He emphasized that rickettsia is a treatable disease in people, with timely detection and treatment.

He also said that at no moment was a travel warning issued by the US government regarding this issue, because this is a controlled disease with low occurrence.

He highlighted that rickettsia can be prevented by keeping homes and pets clean.

"Joint work between both countries allows us to have a low occurrence of this disease in the population. However, we are still working to expand and strengthen prevention and assistance measures that allow us to reduce the occurrence of this disease to the max," the Secretary of Health concluded.

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