Closure of 1889 TJ Museum, space dedicated to promoting the history and culture of Tijuana, is announced

The closure of this museum space is so that they can reinvent themselves

Located in Avenida Revolución in Downtown Tijuana, there stood 1889 TJ Museum, a historic and cultural space that has officially announced its closure.

It should be noted that the 1889 TJ Museum project was the first museum space with children's guidance to promote the history of the city, through art and stories for children.

1889 TJ Museum developed stories based on real information and told micro stories of the city in sculptures.

However, despite its exhibitions and charming narratives, more than 3 years after being inaugurated, it has decided to close its doors.

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"Like everything in life, the time and cycle of 1889 TJ Museum has come to an end. It is a project that has left us endless number of experiences, and we will keep seeing each other, but we want to close this cycle," shared Roberto Lango, president of Unidos Asociación Civil, in a goodbye message.

In addition, as thanks, Lango sent a message to the people of Tijuana.

"Thanks to everyone for their support, thanks for keeping an eye on the articles and stories that we have been developing," he concluded.

Click here to watch this goodbye message.

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