Tijuana Police rescues 17-year-old minor who had been deprived of her liberty

Two individuals were arrested due to alleged deprivation of liberty against a 17-year-old minor

A 17-year-old young woman was rescued in the city of Tijuana after she had been deprived of her liberty by two individuals: one of them is an alleged member of a crime organization.

According to police reports, an individual at Colonia Infonavit Presidentes was observed trying to flee from the police. Once the police approached the place where this incident occurred, they heard screams of help from a woman, which is why they moved towards where the screams were coming from.

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Immediately, an individual noticed the police, saying that he was with his aunt, but screams became more intense, which is why they decided to go inside where the minor had been kidnapped.

The young woman said that she had been taken with deception through the Uber service one of her kidnappers had requested. But when it arrived, they did not let her go.

The individuals were immediately arrested by police agents and were identified as 24-year-old Manuel "N", nicknamed "El Grande", and 18-year-old Miguel "N", considered a generator of violence in this area of the city who already had an arrest warrant for homicide.

The detainees were handed over to the proper authorities to begin investigations.

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