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Sabina "La Guerrerense" from Ensenada, one of the best flavors of 2012 worldwide

A treasure that everyone should know about it's on Baja California

There is still time to get to know the best of 2012, things, places, news, flavors that caused a stir for being unique and unmatched among others on many lists.

We found the selection of food critic, Jonathan Gold, who presented a collection of the best flavors of the year. Among the finalists is "La Guerrerense", a seafood cart run by Sabina Bandera, whose flavor has been around the world and is located in Ensenada, Baja California.

Gold's taste buds were conquered by the "tostada de caracol" which is a crispy tortilla with seasoned sea snail, onion, cilantro and slices of tomato among other ingredients.

Sabina prepared this at the L.A. Street Food Fest and won the prize of the event.

Located at the corner of First and Alvarado Street in Ensenada, Sabina has become a stop you must make on your visit, because her food is simply unique and within the culinary world of Baja California. It can be compared to the food of great chefs.

In a way one could say that 2012 was one of her best years, because the flavors that were created from her hands transcended the border, in particular with the visit of another food critic and chef, Anthony Bourdain, who also considered her cart to be as one of the best 101 places to eat at in the world.

Sabina Bandera has over 36 years of experience in the business, and eating at her cart you will find artists, politicians, tourists and citizens of the municipality, because taste does not make any distinctions.

VIDEO: The History of "La Guerrerense"



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