Rosarito Beach Wants to Save the Vaquita Marina

With an event you should definitely support

The first Saturday after the 4th of July is the International Day to Save the Vaquita Marina, so several events around the world seek to bring people to raise awareness about the danger this species face and what needs to be done to avoid their extinction.

That is why this year, Rosarito Beach will join the cause on Saturday July 7 at the Complementary Educational Services of Mother Earth, located in Calle baja california n.159, 22710, where you'll find workshops, talks, screenings, and other surprises.

The event will start at 4 pm and end at 8 pm, and every attendant will learn what can be done to save this endangered species. Games, music, free prizes, inspirational talks, facial paintings and several models of life-size vaquitas will also be part of the event.

Other places in the world such as Asia, Europe and America also make this type of events to raise awareness.

More information here.


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