The Best Place to eat Seafood with a different music atmosphere!!!

If you love Seafood but you can’t find a good place because every restaurant around is loud, today we will tell you about a new hidden gem restaurant that is in Otay Constituyentes that might be your favorite restaurant.

The Cevichería Laguna Salada started when 3 brothers from Mexicali wanted to bring new ideas and flavors in a relaxed place leaving out the Mexican Band Music, to make sure clients feel comfortable with a different kind of music, Reggae, Spanish Rock, and English.

Since they were little kids, their life was involved with Seafood. Inspired by their father that worked at Los Arcos Restaurant, and the experience of their older brother that worked in seafood restaurants throughout those years. That’s when their dream came true opening up their own Seafood Restaurant on December, 2016.

The Laguna Salada is California Style, feel like if you were close to the ocean. The Ceviche Salsipuedes and the Pacific Beach will give you an explosion of flavors.

Ceviche Salsipuedes
Ceviche Salsipuedes
Ceviche Pacific Beach
Ceviche Pacific Beach

Do you Love Spicy Food? Then you will have to try the Salsipuedes, which has 5 different chilies, with cucumber, purple onion, clamato and a spicy sauce. If you rather try a tropical flavor food then Pacific Beach is for you, its ingredients are fresh tuna, purple onion, cucumber, pineapple, special oriental sauce and a hint of tamarind.

All these dishes have a Baja California name and are made by their own recipes that you will only find here.

And like a good Mexican that loves tacos you can’t leave this restaurant without trying the Cerro Colorado, this dish has a layer of cheese on the tortilla, with Spiced Shrimp on butter, with cabbage and pico de gallo, cream and chipotle sauce. Or try the new Sentinel recipe, which consists of a flour tortilla or cactus quesadilla, accompanied by machaca marlin and shrimp, tomato, avocado and chipotle sauce.

Just know that tacos, ceviche’s, broths, cocktails or steaks are not the only delicious of Laguna Salada, since you can combine it with the fascinating fusions of fresh Aguas Frescas , which includes combinations from Guayaba-Pineapple and Jamaica-Guava, to Mango -Pineapple and Strawberry-Mango. And of course, the national and artisan beers of Insurgente and Colomita.

Taco Cerro Colorado
Taco Cerro Colorado
Taco Centinela con tortilla de nopal
Taco Centinela con tortilla de nopal

You can decide if you want to eat in the second floor or the patio. And soon you will be able to choose your own fish from a fish tank to be prepared instantly.

So next time, If you want to enjoy a delicious Seafood Dish without a loud Mexican Band, La Laguna Salada is the right place to be at.

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