Baja California is about to register 3 thousand unfortunate deaths caused by coronavirus

So far, at least 104 medical workers in Baja California have been confirmed as carriers of the coronavirus

On this Sunday, August 2, the Head of the Department of Health Alonso Perez Rico and the governor of Baja California announced the coronavirus update of the state.

Currently the Mexican country registers more than 469 thousand positive cases.

The state of Baja California has 14 thousand 467 confirmed cases of coronavirus, 2 thousand 786 deaths from this virus, and 978 suspicious cases. The reported cases and deaths are distributed in the state as follows:

- Tijuana 4 thousand 305
- Mexicali 7 thousand 341
- Ensenada one thousand 683
- Tecate 344
- Rosarito 192
- San Quintin/Vicente Guerrero 361
- San Felipe 241

Of the 2 thousand 786 confirmed deaths in the state, one thousand 153 belong to the city of Tijuana, one thousand 302 to Mexicali, 22 to Ensenada, 81 to Tecate, 16 to Rosarito, 10 to San Quintin/VG and 2 to San Felipe.

The suspicious cases are alarming for the state because the positive rate of cases for this virus is more than 50%.

The city of Tijuana is reporting an increase in positive cases, with 119 confirmed cases in the city in just one day.

At the moment, at least 104 medical workers in Baja California are carriers of the coronavirus.


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