Protocols for COVID-19 will be modified for restaurants in Baja California

Tomorrow, more activities authorized for reopening and the increase of capacity in others will also be announced.

The head of the Secretariat of Health in Baja California, Alonso Perez Rico, commented this Wednesday during his daily report on the modifications that will be made to the safety and hygiene protocols for some activities, including restaurants.

"The protocol for restaurants will be modified because it is no longer in accordance with the situation we are living in today, the protocol that was made for restaurants was several months ago where we still did not understand very well the COVID chain of transmission, how it was protected, when it was protected. Specifically talking about the floor covers that simply and simply have not proven to inhibit the chains of transmission", he explained.

In addition, there will be information on the activities that will be able to increase their capacities today, as well as those that will already have authorization to reopen.

"Tomorrow we will present you the new scheme of the gradual reopening that we intend to do now that we are going green," added the officials, who maintained that no business or commerce will be forced to return if they do not feel safe or ready to respect such protocols.

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