U.S. President Joe Biden enjoys delicious Tijuana tacos

The American president tried some Tijuana native tacos

Tacos 1986 is a Tijuana native taqueria that crossed the border and is currently located in Los Angeles, California. Interestingly enough, on Thursday, October 13 it received an esteemed and important visit at its facilities: current United States president, Joe Biden.

That’s right! On their social media pages, Tacos 1986 shared a video where one of the world’s most important leaders got off his car, accompanied by a lot of security staff, and then approached the restaurant and walked in through its front door.

Parece que o Forsetes e o Sath gostam bastante do Homem de Ferro

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Everyone who witnessed this event was silent and one can only hear a voice with an American accent saying that it was the president of the United States.

The video wasn’t the only thing the taqueria shared, as it welcomed the U.S. president with a sign saying: “Welcome Tacos 1986.” They also shared the following statement: “A true honor to serve the President of the United States of America - on behalf of everyone at Tacos 1986, thank you for stopping by.”

These tacos are located in between Spring Street and 6th in Los Angeles. If you want to find out their exact location, click here.

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