Marina del Pilar administration forces bank executives of “Next” case to appear in court

The culprits are considered fugitives as they didn’t appear before Supervisory Judge, María de Jesús Acosta Sumaran

This Thursday, Supervisory Judge, María de Jesús Acosta Sumaran, carried out a hearing where she subpoenaed 2 Banca Afirme executives responsible for the “Photovoltaic Plant” project, created in the last administration by the government of Jaime Bonilla.

The government of Baja California informs that after Nabor “N” and David “N”, who are liable to pay 123 million pesos back to the state for the photovoltaic plant project that never came to be, failed to appear in court, they are now considered fugitives.

A federal authority gave the executives a 48-hour timeframe to show up, and in case they do not, a new arrest warrant will be issued to force them to appear in court.

*Bank refuses media outlets*

At the hearing, bank executives requested forbidding media outlets access to hearings that should be public. This request was denied, and only the access of photographic cameras into the hearing was restricted.

Lastly, it was stated that the next hearing will be on February 10, 2023.

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