Prepare yourself! This will cause delays at the Otay Port of Entry next week

This is due to improvements that will be taking place at the port of entry

Ports of entry in Tijuana are some of the busiest in the world due to people traveling to the US and American citizens traveling to Mexico. However, one of the greatest issues that they face is the long waiting times.

Warning issued due to delays at the Otay port of entry

The Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce revealed in a statement that due to a series of improvements on the Mexican side of the Otay port of entry, the number of available lines will be limited when crossing. During these projects, a pedestrian bridge will be used by customs officials.

Which days will have delays?

In direction from the United States into Mexico, light vehicles will be affected from Sunday, August 27 at 10 PM until Monday, August 28 at 6 AM. Due to this, access to Mexico will be limited to just one single lane.

In direction from Mexico into the United States, Ready Lane and All Traffic users will be affected from Tuesday, August 29 at 10 PM until Wednesday, August 30 at 4 AM. It should be noted that during this time access into the United States will be through Sentri lanes.

Some work will be done at the Sentri lanes on Monday, August 28 at 10 PM until Tuesday, August 29 at 4 AM, but it won't affect the crossing of users in this lane.

Will this affect pedestrian lanes at the Otay port of entry?

According to information shared, delays will affect people who cross by cars, but it won't affect people who are crossing on foot.

Users who need it can use the San Ysidro port of entry, as it will be working as usual during these days.

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