5 taquerías in Tijuana where you can re-enact "El Grito" like a good Mexican thanks to their extremely spicy salsas

Enjoy the taquerias in Tijuana with the hottest salsas

Mexican culture is known for several different reasons such as its beautiful colors, wonderful traditions, and food. One of the things that stands out is the spiciness of its dishes, which is why many tourists visit Mexico to put their taste buds to the test and find out how much spiciness they can take.

On Saturday, September 16, Independence Day will be celebrated in Mexico. The best way to celebrate this holiday is with Mexican snacks and by re-enacting the "Grito de Independencia" (Cry of Independence) which recreates the events that occurred 213 years ago.

In this article, we'll talk about 5 taquerias in Tijuana with the hottest salsas so that you can enjoy a Mexican celebration in the best way possible by eating an excellent and spicy salsa. These are just not any salsas though, as they will make you "cry" due to how spicy they are.

Tacos Varios Polo

The advantage of these varied tacos is the diversity of its stews, which can be combined with whichever salsa you wish to. At this establishment located in Joaquín Clausel, Zona Río, a beef milanesa taco was tried and its chile de árbol red salsa was described as one that "will make you suffer" due to its high level of spiciness that could be seen due to its intense red color.

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Tacos El Rey

Contrary to what many may expect, the color red is not always synonymous with spiciness and the green salsa from the taqueria located at Blvd. Gustavo Díaz Ordaz 16851, México Lindo, is proof of this. Chef Danny claimed that this salsa was perfect for spiciness fans.

The combination of this salsa with the juicy asada meat, charred California pepper slices, cheese, guacamole, cilantro, onion, and flour tortilla created an ideal combination that is known as "taco chiludo", which only the bravest ones dare to try.

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Tacos de Birria El Paisa

Birria is known for its intense flavor and for being a classic remedy for hangover due to the chile de árbol salsas that are used to make it. This taqueria is not the exception as its red salsa was praised a lot.

Though its spicy salsa is served in all of its tacos, it was actually a great complement for the campechano taco consisting of beef birria and tripe. It should be noted that one should approach it "carefully" due to how hot it was.

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Tacos Luis

It is known that taquerias, both in establishments and street stands, have a variety of proteins for their tacos such as asada meat, adobada, tripe, suadero, and chorizo. On this occasion, the salsa used for the chorizo surprised us completely.

This taqueria located in C. Murua 4027, Miguel Hidalgo 22645 serves a chorizo taco with a huevona salsa (which has tomato, chili pepper, and blended raw onion) which was unusually spicy. This, along with the chorizo which had great texture, meant that when the second bite was taken, it confirmed how hot it truly was.

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El Taconazo Otay

This renowned establishment located in Av. Cento Comercial 17210, Otay Constituyentes, is famous for its tacos and flavor. However, there was one specific instance where the spiciness was so high that other flavors were completely overshadowed.

The salsa served was chile de árbol, and pieces of the pepper could be seen on the birria, which were a sign of its spiciness. However, one can only describe the salsa as "uneatable" because all of the other ingredients got completely lost in the taco. The spiciness level was so high that it made several people cry.

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