Governor Marina del Pilar will provide breast implants at no cost for breast cancer survivors

Women in Baja California will benefit from this aid program

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, the governor of Baja California, revealed that the state government will provide breast implants to women survivors of breast cancer at no cost. This is an unprecedented action that will be made through the state DIF and in collaboration with the Public Charity agency, in order to strengthen the dignity and emotional wellbeing of Baja Californians who have survived this disease.

The state governor said that this delivery will be made in October in Ensenada, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and reiterated that this is the first time that DIF Baja California, in coordination with civil society, has carried out this type of campaign. It launched in Mexicali in July and has reached other municipalities delivering more than 30 breast implants.

In addition, she said that women who require support can register all the way until September 22 in a registry that is being managed by the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center (CRI) in the municipality of Ensenada.

"We want to contribute to improve their life condition through these breast implants that will be an incentive to continue living and giving their best to benefit their families and our community. Women are the foundation of society," said Marina del Pilar.

The documents that must be given as copies are official ID, proof of address no older than three months, birth certificate, and doctor's certificate that proves that one has been through a mastectomy.

She added that registrations are being received at CRI Ensenada, located in Francisco González Bocanegra #2075, between 3rd and 4th Streets in Colonia Hidalgo. For more information one can call the following numbers: 646 176 87 86 and 646 342 94 36, or the WhatsApp number 646 179 09 55, which is active for the entire state.

For her part, the president of DIF Baja California, Mavis Olmeda García, recognized the support from the Public Charity Agency, and Baja Californians who supported the delivery of aid and, for the first time, breast implants, which represents hope for a better future for the benefited women.

"With the drive and motivation that our Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda gives us every day, we continue moving forward to consolidate the goals that have been laid. Such is the case with providing assistance to women with these implants that we are giving directly to those who need it the most," Olmeda García stated.

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