Marina del Pilar strengthens laws to protect women in Baja California

Baja California became the first state to reconcile its law with the General Law of Women Having Access to a Life Free of Violence

During the 96th edition of "Wednesday's Morning Press Conference with Marina del Pilar" which took place in Mexicali, the state governor pointed out that at the beginning of her administration the Center for the Justice of Women was reactivated.

The goal of this initiative, which had been previously abandoned, is to support women who have been victims of violence while working alongside the State's Attorney General Office and the State Judicial Branch.

For her part, Magdalena Bautista, director of the Center for the Justice of Women (CEJUM) highlighted the work by Governor Marinar del Pilar in consolidating the prevention, sanction, assistance, and eradication regarding violence against women, teenage girls, and girls in the state.

In addition, she announced that Baja California has become the first state to reconcile its local legislation to protect women. Among this reform's features that stand out is the obligatory nature of creating connections to provide services to CEJUM facilities, guaranteeing basic and free services 24/7, and the active coordination between government and society to address and eradicate violence effectively.

Magdalena Bautista underscored that in Marina del Pilar’s government, children, young people, and women are not alone, they are backed by laws that support them. It should be noted that Marina del Pilar and the director of CEJUM recognized the work and collaboration of representative Michel Sánchez Allende who promoted these initiatives.

During this morning's press conference, the governor also highlighted progress regarding health, especially basic vaccination in children whose goal is to protect this population from several different diseases, especially with the arrival of the 2023-2024 school cycle. Meanwhile, the Secretary of Health of Baja California, Adrián Medina Amarillas, stated that more than 388,000 basic vaccination doses have been given to protect against diseases such as tuberculosis, polio, hepatitis B, measles, influenza, HPV, among others. In addition, 3,000 Pfizer pediatric vaccines were given to children due to back-to-school.

The state official explained that universal vaccination programs are also looking to protect seniors 60 years of age or older of respiratory diseases during the autumn and winter seasons.

Marina del Pilar also announced important progress regarding the RESPIRA program, whose goal is to reduce pollution in Mexicali. Projects of the RESPIRA program are looking to improve mobility, road security, accessibility, efficiency, quality, and equality in the city.

Lastly, Arturo Espinoza Jaramillo, Secretary of Infrastructure, Urban Development, and Territory Redesign (SIDURT) explained that one of the examples of this progress is the modernization of Islas Agrarias, and the expansion of Boulevard Cetys and Boulevard Gómez Morín, three key roads in Mexicali. Generally speaking, all projects have shown important progress and they are working to accelerate and complete the highest number of possible projects.

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