Unity between society and government is indispensable for the common good of Tijuana: David Guakil

The businessman and politician claimed that beyond partisan affiliations, what is important is for everyone to work together for the common good

Tijuana native businessman David Guakil spoke about the opportunities that Tijuana offers regarding economic matters, thanks to the flow of foreigners who live in the city. However, he stated that to make the most of this a joint effort, without any partisan fronts, is necessary.

The real estate developer said that Tijuana adapts to its circumstances and overcomes crises that have occurred, but always thanks to the unity of society with its authorities. It doesn't matter which political party they belong to because, he said, "partisanship is over the day of the election and what comes after that is that everyone works together for a common goal for the wellbeing of society."

Guakil highlighted that Tijuana united has overcome several different stages and crises. He said that the city bloomed with the Free Zone framework and subsequently with the maquiladora industry. However, today there is a great demand for housing and apartments in the central areas of the city "because people are not willing to lose all this time traveling from one place to another to do their daily activities."

He insisted that some of the main problems in Tijuana are insecurity, mobility, and trash, and these needs have overrun authorities by a lot. This is why today, more than ever, the unity of people with their governments is required so that together they can take advantage of the opportunities that are given to us and that mean wellbeing and progress for society at large.

Guakil, who is also the director of corporation Grupo Cosmopolitan whose main goal is the development of vertical housing units with enough services so that users don't have to travel huge distances to do their daily activities, pointed out that Tijuana is experiencing a new economic boom and to take advantage of it, the three greatest problems in the city must be resolved: insecurity, mobility, and garbage.

He insisted that to accomplish this, the efforts of everyone in society are necessary with authorities guiding them. But there must be enough political willingness and commitment to work to benefit everyone with order and transparency.

He gave as an example Avenida Revolución at the block that is made up of 3rd and 4th Streets. "The sidewalk is clean, even polished, but the pavement in front is full of gum, cigarette butts, and trash, and this is because merchants organized on one side of the street and keep it clean and on the other side, they didn't."

He said that if Tijuana natives would make an effort to keep the front of our homes clean, the garbage problem would be drastically reduced, and that is the same thing for all the problems we are currently facing. But this requires everyone to participate with authorities guiding us.

David Saúl Guakil pointed out that there are 90,000 foreigners living in Tijuana, mainly from the United States, that earn 48,000 dollars a month and represent an economic revenue of 4.5 million dollars. In addition, there is medical tourism that in 2022 meant that 27,000 people came here to get treated; they not only paid for the doctor, but also hotels, restaurants, and other goods and services.

And all of our visitors, including businessmen who come to invest taking advantage of the global relocation of companies, largely maintain Tijuana's economy, and to make the best of this "it is necessary to have a clean house in order," he emphasized at the end.


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