Don Miguel Ruiz Jr: "The 5 levels of attachment"

What this book is looking to teach is what we all seek in life, "to be happy"

Many of those who live near the U.S.-Mexico border know that despite that this is the only thing that divides these two countries; it is still two different worlds. And in a way it's like they live two different lives, one in Tijuana and one in San Diego.

This is the case of the personal life of Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. But let's leave aside for a moment the personal life and talk about his book "The Five Levels of Attachment".

To learn more about his book, inspiration and other reasons, we met up with him to talk at the famous "Barrio Logan", a place that has a history of its own.

As we sat down to talk, we could not leave his personal life out of the conversation. His childhood and young adult life are linked to the reasons for this book.

He comes from a family of Toltec descent, and has written about their culture. For 4 years he wrote this book with the help and inspiration of his family and especially of his children. His grandmother was a healer in the neighborhood and his father Don Miguel Ruiz is also an author.

So what is the book about? Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. told us: "It Reflects on how attached we are to those we know, and with each level of attachment we begin to distort what we know."

The next step for Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. is to introduce this book in all corners of the world, which is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Bulgarian for now.

"In a world with almost without any borders, the teachings change and it's an incredible evolution", said Ruiz Jr.

What this book is looking to teach is what we all seek in life, "to be happy". If you want to know more about this project, the author holds lectures online and could be contacted through this link or tune in to his radio show "the way of the dessert" every Wednesday.

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