Trustee exposes that Tijuana has thousands of stored and spoiled provisions

During the verifications carried out by the Syndicate of this city, rotten, expired and many still stored products have been detected

After the trustee, Maria del Carmen Espinoza Ochoa, revealed through her official channels on September 4 that a complaint she received regarding a stock of groceries in poor condition at the DIF Municipal of Tijuana had been confirmed, they found more than 170 of the groceries were found to be in poor condition.

Based on the information provided by DIF, the Trustee continued her inspection at the Municipal Women's Institute in the zona Centro, where the head of the Ministry of Welfare, Gaby Farias, was present; according to the officials of this institution, and where it was confirmed that there was a water leak, being the reason for the state provisions found in the DIF, according to managers of this institution, however, "the groceries do not smell damp, they smell as if they were rotten; and they are dirty, full of dust, not wet, not moldy," said Maria del Carmen Espinoza.

In view of this, the Trustee went to the Maria Elvia Amaya Community Center of Hank, to continue with the inspections after this event.

According to the publications made by Espinoza, she went back to confirm again if DIF Municipal had a presumed warehouse of expired products, which they did.

"We went to verify the information that DIF had a warehouse of expired products. My surprise was greater when I checked that the expiration date was 2010 and they were candy for the children of Tijuana . During this visit, the Tijuana Department of Wellness and its administrator denied at all times that there was a warehouse storing products in that place. Evasions, contradictions that we will take to the corresponding authorities because of the risk in the damage of the health of our children. Bienestar Tijuana gives us a lot to say, and its secretary is not aware of the work it is supposed to do," the Trustee explained on her Facebook account.

That same day, the trustee received a notice that the sub-delegation of La Gloria (San Antonio de los Buenos Delegation in Tijuana) had an additional 6,000 undelivered groceries.

This is how the visits by Maria del Carmen Espinoza continued in different institutions, where more provisions are still stored and are ready to be delivered.

This is the case of the Centennial Delegation in the Social Development Department, where on September 7 more packages of non-perishable food were detected.

Meanwhile, this Tuesday, September 8, the trustee notified that she had attended the East Dam Delegation, where she said that "the union, in its efforts to make the city council's resources transparent and to corroborate citizens' complaints, went to the East Dam Delegation this day, where the administrator refused to open the container where the employees are indicating that there are provisions. "Someone" under the order that they should leave, sayed they didn't have the keys or that we asked them to do it through a written statement. So what are they hiding?".

On Tuesday afternoon, the trustee shared that they are already "taking the corresponding actions by the Union regarding the thousands of groceries found in various warehouses of the Delegations and Paramunicipalities of Tijuana," the most recent being located at the Police and Traffic Department.

Did you know about this event? Did these pantries arrive to you when you requested them?


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