San Diegan author, Pietro La Greca Jr. releases book: ‘Pesos: The Rise and Fall of a Border Family’

Son of an influential Italian man, the writer tried to leave a life full of dangers and criminals

Amazon Publishing, Amazon’s book publishing unit whose main mission is to connect prominent authors with the readers of the world, has published the book “Pesos: The Rise and Fall of a Border Family” by Hispanic author Pietro La Greca Jr., son of one of the most influential Italian men in Mexico.

The story of Pietro La Greca Jr. is the story of a boy who was born surrounded by love and warmth, but also greed and money. The boy had to become a man before he was meant to as he was forced to live a life full of fear, pursuits, and escapes, due to his father’s business; he was known as Mexico’s Don Corleone.

Pietro La Greca Sr., "Mexico’s Don Corleone "
Pietro La Greca Sr., "Mexico’s Don Corleone "

One question every reader may be asking now is, why tell this story now and not before? The answer is easy: fear. Pietro decided to reveal his past once his father died in 2014, as well as other important characters in this story. Death threats are no joke.

As such, the book tells the story of how his father led the biggest money laundering scheme in the history of Mexico, through his relationships with corrupt politicians, drug dealers, and evil people; but his confessions go even beyond that: the writer bares his soul for the first time about his relationship with his father, recognizing how he, as a boy, had to separate good from evil and how he decided not to take part in any of this, at the same time as he pushed away his father while hating him for it.

Pietro La Greca Jr. as a young man
Pietro La Greca Jr. as a young man

The light that always gave him the strength to do this was his mother and his maternal grandfather, essential supporters during his childhood and teenage years as a writer. Unfortunately, death took them way too soon. Her, she was taken by cancer, and him, was upset knowing that his son-in-law had asked for a 20-million-dollar loan from the dangerous Arellano cartel.

Pietro confessed:

This is not a book about drug dealers or narcos, but a story about a normal family that was involved in what many people think is not part of real life. Today, this story will be known not only by the whole world, but also for the first time, by my family and friends who will have an inside view on what really happened with my family behind closed doors, including my wife and my 8-year-old daughter.

People will discover everything about Pietro La Greca Jr.’s story through Amazon Publishing. It is also available on Kindle, the lightest and smallest e-reader in the world right now, as well as Kindle Scribe, Amazon’s newest Kindle that allows you to take notes while you read.

Pietro La Greca Jr. today
Pietro La Greca Jr. today


The author has served as a senior executive in the financial software services industry for over nineteen years. A veteran of the wealth and financial technology industry, he earned his BA and MBA from the University of San Diego. He lives in La Jolla, California, with his wife, Michelle, and eight-year-old daughter, Gabi. When he isn’t entertaining clients with salty stories of his colorful family’s criminal past, Pietro volunteers for local charities throughout San Diego and serves on the board of trustees at an independent school in La Jolla.

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