15-year-old girl bragged on Facebook that she adopted a puppy to torture and kill it

The young woman has made fun of people who are asking for justice

Social media can be of great help when one is looking for justice or help for a good cause. It has managed to unite communities with a common purpose and spread cases that need it, and such is the case of “Huellitas”, a puppy that was adopted and was later tortured and killed by a 15-year-old girl.

Vanessa Paola Gaspar Ortiz is the alleged 15-year-old culprit of this case. She purposefully found a stray puppy that lived in the surroundings of CBTis 86 facilities in the municipality of Huauchinango in Puebla where this young woman goes to school. According to WhatsApp conversations that were leaked online, Vanessa adopted the puppy named “Huellitas” and later bragged about killing it.

She said the following on her Facebook account where she shared pictures of the dead dog:

This idiot warmed up to me very quickly… I tied it up and stabbed its stomach… it lasted 4 hours before it died.

The case quickly went viral because the young girl said that she didn’t regret what she had done, while sharing posts regarding animal abuse and calling people “hypocrites” for eating meat while asking for justice for Huellitas.

The page "Reporteros De Operaciones Especiales México" shared bulletins where they asked for information about this young woman’s location, as well as her mother María Ortiz and her stepfather Gustavo Reyes Banda, who apparently is the vice principal at the CBTis 86 school where Vanessa studied. The young woman also shared information about another case where she claimed that she adopted a small dog who she starved for a week and then gave it food a week later as a “surprise” that made it suffer for 30 minutes before it died.

Social media users have sent hate messages to Vanessa where they wish that she could be arrested, experience the same thing as the dogs, or even be put through a punishment even worse than what happened to the dogs. She has also received death threats.

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Due to these comments, Vanessa complained that the hate she was receiving was too much, which is why she had limited the number of people who could comment on her post. Her “excuse” is that she is a minor that is receiving a lot of hateful comments.

The case has become so infamous that it has received international attention where famous YouTubers such as Dalas Review revealed this dog’s story and even explained the animal abuse laws that exist in Mexico

Social media users have claimed that both the minor, her mother, and her stepfather could be in a hotel somewhere in Mexico City so that they can abandon the country at any moment, despite the fact that there’s a case open against them.

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