Antique map that shows California as an island is sold for $2,000 dollars

A user shared pictures on social media of 2 antique maps and the difference in their prices

Paulus Swaen is a website for collectors that started in 1978 and specializes in antique maps, prints, atlases, globes, medieval manuscripts and travel posters.

For those interested in acquiring antique maps, there is a variety of more than 2,500 items in stock, among which, two maps of North America stand out. These two maps went viral thanks to a Facebook post.

The user was surprised when he realized that the two maps of California had a vast difference regarding their prices.

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The first map called “Americae Sive Nobi Orbis” from 1579 shows California as a peninsula, and it costs $5500 dollars.

Meanwhile, the map called “Novissima et Accuratissima Totius Americae” from 1677 shows California as an island, and it costs $2000 dollars.

This mistake which occurred almost 100 years after the previous map was published, makes it a unique piece and, despite this, its value is less.

In numismatics, for example, the value of a coin that has a date mistake or any other error can double or triple, but on this occasion, it was the opposite.

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