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Caesar's Restaurant in Tijuana: one of the world's 101 best Hotel Restaurants

One of the city's prides

The Caesar's hotel and restaurant located in downtown Tijuana is one of the "101 best Hotel Restaurants in the World" according to a list by The Daily Meal, a website focused on food and drinks throughout the world.

Of the 101 spaces only two are occupied by Mexican venues, the other one is La Marea from Hotel Viceroy on the Riviera Maya in Playa del Carmen.

Many of us remember the Caesar's Hotel as the birthplace of the Caesar's salad created in the 30's that brought international fame to Tijuana.

Today it's not only about a hotel offering the best commodities, and while the makers of the list talk about how hard it was, they chose to concentrate in hotels that were attractive both for tourists and for the locals.

The Caesar's Hotel and Restaurant is already a Tijuana icon and there's even a festival in honor of the famous salad where it is celebrated with amazing flavors and a great ambience.




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