Contrast in vaccination between San Diego and Baja California a challenge for border reopening

While millions of doses have been administered in California, Baja California has barely reached 20 thousand.

It will be a year since Baja Californians were last able to cross the border for any reason other than the essential ones dictated by the U.S. government. These crossings are part of the custom of the region and it is strange for citizens not to be able to make them.

What is even stranger to the public, however, is that the date continues to be postponed and apparently will continue to happen until there is more control of the pandemic in the region and the majority of San Diegans have been vaccinated.

And this is where the difficult part comes in, while California has administered, so far, approximately 6 million vaccines; Baja California on the other hand, has distributed less than 20 thousand vaccines and is still waiting for more from the government headed by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Unfortunately, as long as this disparity is not resolved, the more difficult it will be to open the border points for all legal travelers and the pressure for a total economic reactivation will continue; the Chamber of Commerce in San Ysidro is the one that has asked the most for these restrictions to end for the sake of the economy of the smallest businesses that are also the most affected.

How to solve this problem? The President of Mexico said in his recent visit to the border city of Tijuana, that the countries producing the vaccines have hoarded all the doses for their population and left our country behind, which at the moment has 34.4 million Pfizer vaccines, 70.4 million from the British vaccine AstraZeneca, 35 million from CanSino and 24 million from Sputnik V.

The problem is that of all the millions promised, they are arriving little by little and we can only hope that the vaccines arrive soon in the region and that the vaccination campaign is on time and effective, only then can we return to normality in the border region, which is more than a tradition.

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