City Center to boost medical tourism in Tijuana with its conveniently located medical offices

In recent years Tijuana has been experiencing a wave of what is known as medical tourism, thanks to the proximity of the city to the United States, since it is the neighbors on the other side of the border who are most in need of Tijuana's health services.

With this in mind, Grupo Cosmopolitan presented its City Center complex, which will be located just a few meters from the international line and the Río area, where, in addition to shopping malls, banks and other nearby establishments such as movie theaters and bookstores, you will also find the largest gastronomic and medical offerings in the city.

It is worth mentioning that Tijuana has had one of the highest growth rates in medical tourism nationwide. In that sense, the city transforms every day, with new hospitals and medical offices, so City Center has decided to focus on this sector and give an incredible offer to this demand that intensifies with the growth of the city.

In turn, this favors the economy of Tijuana's citizens, since these tourists who receive treatments will consume local products, thus contributing to economic progress, besides this will highlight the creation of more jobs and allow owners and employees to maintain a steady and secure living income.

The offices destined to become medical clinics will have valet parking, security, controlled access, a general manager, concierge, 24-hour lobby, commercial areas, warehouses and four elevators. This will help meet the demand of foreigners and locals seeking medical services in Tijuana. In total there are 81 offices ranging from 42 m2 (137 ft2), as well as 9 stores that will be on level 1.

This sector is contributing to the development of Tijuana's economy, and with the international Port of Entry just 5 minutes away from the facilities of this new building, it is almost a guarantee of job success for those who decide to settle in one of these offices.

This lifestyle proposal will please the most demanding people; City Center will have everything you need to live, work and shop. Apart from the avant-garde and luxurious construction, the location is one of the most privileged in the city.


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